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  Latest Articles
  • Systems Patientomics: The virtual in-silico patient 
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  • Animal models in translational medicine: Validation and prediction 
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  • Protein aggregation and Arfaptin2: A novel therapeutic target against neurodegenerative diseases 
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  • Curcumin: Towards molecularly targeted chemoprevention of cancer

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  • Small molecule PAI-1 functional inhibitor attenuates vascular smooth muscle cell migration and survival: Implications for the therapy of vascular disease

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  • New horizons in translational medicine

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 Latest News & Events
  • NASA Johnson Space Center, Disease Modelling and Tissue Analogues department joined the GTMC Consortium.
  • NHTM Journal Inauguration at the EUSTM-2014
  • EUSTM joined the European Commission's COST Action on ''To Focus and Accelerate Cell-based Tolerance-inducing Therapies''
  • Call for EUSTM Expert Panels Members
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  • Development of a European-based Collaborative Network to Accelerate Technological, Clinical & Commercialisation Progress in the Area of Medical Microwave Imaging: EUSTM has joined this European Commission's COST Action.
  • Latest job vacancies are announced in Jobs Database. 
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